Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine 6''



Hydraulic hose crimping machine 6’’ YHHC-90F is crimping hoses from 4’’ to 6’’. It can also crimp the hose below 4’’. But as a machine which crimp sizes from 4’’ to 6’’, it is harmful to crimp small sizes of hoses. YHHC-90F is equipped with 6 sets of dies which is designed to customers’ requirement. As each die is heavy, when putting on or taking off a set of dies, it could not be helped with a quick changing tool but should be a manual working. YHHC-90F is a computer system controlled machine and is a powerful machine.

From the following, it shows the technical data of YHHC-90F.


Technical Data YHHC-90F
Max hose size 6’’ 6S
Swaging range(mm) Φ70-190
Main die shoe length(mm) 180
Standard voltage 380V/50HZ
Motor power 5.5kw
Optional voltage and motor 220V/2.2KW
Pump(L/min) 36L
Number of swagings/hour 600
Noise level(dB) 75
Max opening(mm) Φ40mm
Crimping force(kN) 21000
Electic limit switch Included
Electronic control Included
Electric pedal Included
Manual change Included
Dimensions L x W x H(mm) 1250x830x1100
Weight without oil 1080 KGS

Package details: Gross weight: 1200KGS   Volume: 122cm x 92cm x 132cm

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